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Hello and welcome to Hearing Spirit. My name is Charisse Van Horn and I am a professional psychic-
medium, tarot, and oracle reader. My journey has been a long one and as of December 2, 2022, I am 54 years old. I was born with psychic abilities that I can remember tapping into at the age of four years old. This began with an imaginary "friend" named Gail who I could vividly see and who had become such an integral part of my childhood that she accompanied me everywhere. I was a child of the sixties and endured chaos and turmoil from an early age resulting in my abandonment then. going to live with my great-grandmother and great-aunt at about 1 1/2 years old. I believe that some of the trauma I suffered at an early age may have been a spring board of sorts to opening my psychic awareness.

My psychic gifts hit hard between the ages of 12-14 and it was literally terrifying, but that's another story. My journey continued through various religious beliefs and somehow, in the midst of it all, I received an Associate's Degree in Biblical theology. If you follow my Read the Tarot network (that this blog is part of) you see that I am a bit of an unusual tarot reader/psychic as I will quote Bible Scriptures, pray in the name of Jesus, invoke the Holy Spirit and even connect to God with Bible-themed tarot and oracle card decks. I come from a background where these things were not only shunned in the church but were signs of someone dabbling in the occult. 

I no longer hold the same views about concepts such as the trinity, heaven and hell, or what happens after you die and how someone is "saved" or "born again" as I once did, but I have not turned my back on belief in the Holy Spirit or Jesus entirely. Yet I have 100 percent turned my back on organized religion that operates under the guise of Christianity yet is devoid of healing and love...the two aspects of Jesus' actual ministry that much of organized religion simply ignores.

This blog, Hearing Spirit, contains lessons, wisdom, and stories about my experiences hearing spirit and a bit of how I work as a psychic medium and tarot reader. 

Now, for the disclaimer.

By law, I must say that as a psychic medium and professional tarot reader, what I do is for entertainment purposes. Yes, that is a real law. Charlatans have misrepresented psychics, mediums, and tarot readers to such a degree that it is required I say that what I do for a living is purely for entertainment.

Now, with that said, please know that my heart, my blog, my events, and my live streams are all done with one heart intention and purpose: healing.

I believe that each of us is on this planet to heal and heal others. I believe that when our bodies pass into the next realm, our mind and spirit remain intact and that the healing continues. I do not believe that this life is our only life and that many of us are living our soul's next life and as we continue to heal and grow in love, we will live another life where we will continue to impart the wisdom and gifts we have mastered.

 Because I believe that the spirit lives on and the personality remains intact, I believe that communication with disembodied spirit people is not only possible but a daily reality. I also believe the sole purpose for these soul and spirit connections is for healing.

Thank you for visiting Hearing Spirit and I hope you will enjoy your stay.

Charisse Van Horn

P.S. You may contact me through this site in the form on the right or by email at admin@hearingspirit.com

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