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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Setting Intentions for Spirit Communication

 Setting intentions for spirit communication is paramount to your experience. In my previous post
"What is Spirit Communication?" I discussed the different levels or different spiritual planes and how it is important that we connect with spirit from the top level first. Have you ever stopped to meditate or ponder upon what an intention is? Many people use intentions to focus their energy toward a specific goal. Likewise, when we pray or meditate, we are setting our intentions to connect with an energy from a different realm. Therefore, it is important to know who it is you are connecting with. 

When setting your intentions, you must determine what energy you want to contact. This is why it is paramount that you begin by connecting with the God of your own understanding. It is not my place to tell you who God is to you. This is a matter of religious choice, preference, and personal belief. What is prayer if not setting your intention?

Many people foolishly attempt spiritual communication without first setting their intentions of whom they will connect with. You have the right to pick and choose what spirit you will work with and by setting your intentions to communicate with God first, the angelic realm next and those who have ascended to the highest realm of spiritual evolution you will bypass those spiritual entities that operate on low-level frequencies.

Consider your own physical house and ask yourself if you would open the door and just let anyone who wanted to walk in and have a conversation with you? Can you imagine the consequences of such an action? Yet many people feel they just want someone to talk to in spirit and open their spiritual door and just let any entity come through. 

This is extremely common with young children and teens who engage in spirit board activities. Many innocent children and teens simply want to connect with the spirit realm and pick up a ouija board and open a doorway that lets any spirit that wants to come through. Often, these spirits that come through are those on the lowest frequency and many are downright dangerous.

The most important and essential form of spirit communication is your relationship with God. Next is your communication with angels, the spirit realm, your spirit guides (including ancestors and animals), and communication with your higher self. Though I am a psychic medium and engage in spirit communication with those who have lost loved ones, I believe that every person on the planet should at least practice one form of spirit communication: Communication with God. 

If you never communicate with your angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, guardian angels, fairies, ancestors, loved ones, or your higher self, I believe you are missing out on vast troves of healing, wisdom, and knowledge, but you will be fine as long as you make it your life's mission to communicate with God. 

Begin all forms of spirit communication at the top and if you want to stay there, fine. If however; you want to explore further realms that are openly available to you to assist you on your earthly journey, work your way down and avoid the lower-level frequencies entirely. You do not need to engage with them.

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