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Saturday, December 3, 2022

What is Spirit Communication?

You've likely seen some form of spirit communication in movies, and television shows, or read about it in books. But have you ever stopped to think about what spirit communication is? Many people fear spirit communication and many churches shun direct communication with the spiritual realm. Some even teach that spirit communication can only come through a divinely inspired individual, sage, wise person, or ascended master. Some religious institutions have tackled spirit communication as something that the pastor, priest, or rabbi is capable of yet this type of communication is not advisable for the layperson.

Spirit communication occurs in a variety of methods and it should be stated that there isn't just one entity or form of spirit that you may communicate with. Therefore, spirit communication is a very deep and individual experience that isn't the same for two people. 

Spirit communication means different things to different people. For the purpose of this blog, I feel that spirit communication is the way you exchange and receive information with entities on other planes of existence.

In order to communicate with other planes of existence, you must first believe it is possible. It doesn't mean that you have to know everything about other planes, but you must first believe that spirit communication is possible (though, there are countless stories of people who have interacted with Spirit without realizing they could).

Life is vast and full of many life forms. As humanity continues to explore the universe, our minds are alerted to the reality that life outside of earth is more than a possibility. Just like there are other worlds in the universe that have their own elements and structures, there are other planes that may be accessed with the human mind and spirit.

Spirit communication should always begin at the top and work downwards. Who or what would you consider to be the highest evolved spiritual being? Most people around the world describe the highest-evolved being as God, Spirit, or even the universe. It is important that you communicate with the God of your own understanding. Whomever God is to you, that is your ultimate level of spirit communication. 

I prefer to call God "Spirit" with a capital 'S' so if you see my writing about Spirit with a capital 'S', I am referring to God. I also want to specify that my understanding of God is simple and profound. God is Love. Spirit is Love. Love is the highest vibration and the highest frequency that exists. This is the realm where God lives. This is why we should always live our lives appealing to love, walking in love, and striving for love. 

Underneath the realm of Spirit (God) is the realm of angels. I also believe that the angelic realm has a hierarchy that includes Archangels and even nature spirits such as fairies that are entrusted with caring for Earth and her creatures (animals and plants). The angelic realm comprises many life forms and beings that we have yet to encounter in myths, legends, holy books, or fables.  The angelic realm may include extraterrestrial beings, depending upon your understanding or belief of their natures and how you define the word "extraterrestrial."

Underneath the angelic realm is those who are operating on the highest evolved form of humanity and animal life. Your highest self is here as well as the spirits of those who have reached the highest level of spiritual evolution. Many spirit guides are operating on this level and above to bring wisdom to your higher self so that it may be transferred to your consciousness. The collective consciousness is on this level and it is where we can go to reach the akashic records. Animal spirit guides also dwell here. Your highly evolved ancestors may reside here and choose to work with you as a spirit guide. 

Underneath this realm is humans and life forms that have not finished their spiritual evolution but have made significant progress. Some spirits here may operate as low-level spirit guides to provide counsel, wisdom, and help to those living and may even choose to reincarnate again. Some choose to stay on this level as they wait for family members and friends to cross over. Many spirit people on this plane regularly communicate with those living by leaving signs or by appearing in dreams. Just as you have highly evolved ancestors that my work with you as spirit guides in the higher realms, you may have other ancestors who have yet to reach those levels who choose to stay in this realm longer but still work and communicate with you.

Some spirits on this level need healing in order to reach the higher realms. Their spirits may continually be ministered to as they work through traumas and events that happened in their lifetimes, therefore they may be so focused on their own healing, they are not ready to be spirit guides to others.

Below this realm is where those who passed over without achieving the desired level of spiritual and moral awakening lie. Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and those who lived immoral, viral, and depraved lives are on this low-lying, low-vibrational plane. These souls did not learn the lessons of love and healing while they were alive and created more chaos and negativity in others' lives as well. These people may reincarnate to try and elevate their souls and reach the higher realms.

In this realm and below are negative, dark, and evil forces that operate in darkness.

As you can see, the top of the spirit plane is where God exists or Spirit. The bottom of the planes is where evil and darkness lie. It is important that whenever you engage in spirit communication, you begin at the top and work your way down, making certain not to engage spirits operating in the lower realms.

Spirit communication is the ability to engage with and receive information from these different realms of existence. Spirit communication should ALWAYS begin with the God of your own understanding that is rooted and grounded in love and then working downward and stopping before you get deep into the dark realms. This is where psychic protection comes into a play and is an absolute necessity for anyone who engages in Spirit communication.

As a psychic medium, it is my job to seek God first, to hear Spirit, to listen to Spirit's words not only for myself but for others, and to interpret those words correctly in order that other people may be elevated in their own personal lives to the higher realms.This may mean healing from traumas, or connection with loved ones and friends who have passed beyond the veil and who have important healing messages to bring.  In every situation, in every setting, in every psychic mediumship or tarot reading that I provide, the ultimate goal is to bring the person closer to God, closer to love, closer to their own, personal spirit team of angels, ancestors, spirit guides and spirit beings who all work in harmony with one goal: love. This is love of God and love for their selves.

That may sound strange to some, but you are a divine reflection of God. You are a divine spark of God created on this plane as an expression of love. It is not your destiny to live in darkness with the lower-lying realms. It is God's plan for you to ascend and connect with your higher self that is seated in the angelic realms. 

There are lessons in love that you were sent here to learn and many have forgotten. Spirit communication is the divine dialogue with Spirit that reminds you who you are and why you are here.

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